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‘A Client’s Guide to Home Irrigation’

‘A Client’s Guide to Home Irrigation’is an effort to provide our clientele with a basic understanding of how irrigation works, and why it plays a critical role as part of any landscape project. Further, this article is intended to inform the uninitiated that there is, just as in any other trade, work which is done and work which is done well. I have visited an untold number of project sites since I began work in the Landscape Industry in 1977, and on an easy 70% of those sites the work has been done with substandard materials following questionable construction practices.

People have spent their hard earned money on garbage for no other reason than they were placed in the position of having to put their trust in a contractor who either knew no better or simply did not care. This is a rather sorry statement to be making about an industry which I know has the capacity to introduce such intangibles as joy, tranquility, and beauty into the lives of those we serve. ‘A Client’s Guide to Home Irrigation’ (click here to open) is exemplary of the standard to which we expect to be held. As trade professionals our focus is to deal fairly and respectfully with our clients in order that we may make a more positive contribution to their lives.