About EW Landscape Inc.

The formation of EW is probably one of the riskiest ventures that I have ever been a party to; therefore, ironically, it is also one of the most exciting opportunities of my life. Consider, here I am, at nearly 60 years of age, embarking on the kind of adventure that is more commonly the province of men and women half my age. Should I not be planning my retirement? Absolutely not! This opportunity is far more intriguing. There are far too many possibilities which have yet to be tried.

I revel in the thought that life, rather than pass me by, has seen fit to offer me this chance at this time. My choices are simple, shrink away and accept convention or step up to meet the challenge. EW holds no guarantees, and no safety nets. As a small business owner, we are on our own; whatever does or does not happen will be directly proportional to the energy we put into this enterprise. We could fail, but how would we ever know that unless we first try.

Age has a certain elegant justice. All those years that one has lived become, with time, a vast storehouse of knowledge. I can see no earthly reason why, when I have finally learned how to really do my job well, that I should shut the door and throw away the keys. There is so much that I have come to know about the business of landscape, so much which may be put to good use by the communities we serve, and so much which I can teach young people who are at the beginning of their working lives.